Gutter Guards Offer Maintenance-Free Peace of Mind

Faulty eavestrough installation is the main cause of eavestrough problems and the consequent ice and water damage to your roof, siding, basement and foundation. That’s why you need an eavestrough specialist to protect your home. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when you are considering an investment in your eavestroughs, gutter guards or roof repairs:

How Do Gutter Guards Protect My Roof from Ice Dams?

Ice dams are caused by lack of ventilation or insulation under your roof. The warm air escaping from the house causes the bottom layer of snow on your roof to melt. If your eavestrough is full of debris AND packed with snow or ice:

  • The melt water will pool in your eavestrough and refreeze into a fringe of icicles outside
  • Expanding ice on the inside which will eventually warp and crack the eavestrough
  • Melting snow on the roof will stagnate and leak into the house, damaging ceilings and walls
ice dam chart

A gutter guard, such as the Alu-Rex brand gutter guards installed by Toronto Eavestrough Cleaning Masters will keep snow out of the eavestrough, letting melting water drain through through the screen and off the roof.

Do You Need De-Icing Cables if You Have Leaf Guards?

Depending on your particular roof’s shape, de-icing cables may be necessary even if you install leaf guards. De-icing cables create a channel for melted water to flow into your eavestroughs and downspouts instead of stagnating on the roof and leaking through to the interior. Toronto Eavestrough Cleaning Masters’ experts ensure correct installation to prevent fire hazards from the combination of water and electricity.

Can Leaking Eaves Be Repaired or Must They Be Replaced?

Leaking eaves can be repaired. Toronto Eavestrough Cleaning Masters can save you money without compromising on the quality of the repair. While many people may apply a temporary fix to the problem by simply caulking the corner, Toronto Eavestrough Cleaning Masters’ professionals will:

  • Inspect the area and, if necessary, realign the eavestrough or add a downspout to prevent water from pooling
  • Remove old caulking and clean any build up to ensure that new caulking adheres properly

If we do recommend replacement, we will:

  • Custom fit and replace just the corner, if possible
  • Apply high-grade sealant to the edges to ensure a snug join when we install new eavestroughs

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