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Don’t Damage Your Eavestroughs – Call Toronto’s Eavestrough Specialists

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Eavestroughs can be clogged not only by leaves and branches but even by debris from aging shingles, which may form a heavy, sticky coating. Cleaning all of these out without causing damage to your eavestroughs and downspouts can be difficult and time-consuming. This is why many companies that do not specialize in eavestrough cleaning attempt to pressure wash the gutter – a process which can easily loosen the eavestrough or damage it. Toronto Eavestrough Cleaning Masters’ technicians manually clean the eavestroughs for safe and thorough cleaning. That's why we're Toronto's preferred eavestrough contractors!

Downspout Cleaning Is Essential

We never want a client's home to be vulnerable to water damage, so every time Toronto Eavestrough Cleaning Masters clean your eavestroughs, our specialists also clean your downspouts free of charge. Clogged downspouts are the primary cause of overflowing eavestroughs that result in water leaking into the basement of your home, causing water damage and flooding basements.

The clogged downspouts can cause problems such as:

  • Ice dam formation
  • Roof leaks
  • Ceiling collapses
  • Mould or mildew
  • Basement leaks
  • Landscape washouts
  • Cracks in your bricks and pavement
  • Rotting fascia
  • Broken eavestroughs and soffits
  • Birds' nests and insect infestations

Our technicians prevent these issues by disconnecting your downspouts to remove all of the debris, when necessary, ensuring you have a fully-functional eavestrough drainage system.

Leaf Guard Systems for Toronto Homes

Toronto Eavestrough Cleaning Masters carries only top-quality, commercial-grade Alu-Rex gutter guards that have been shown to eliminate the need for eavestrough cleaning. We are certified installers of Alu-Rex products such as:

  • The T-rex continuous fastening system™ to securely mount new gutters to your home
  • The Gutter Clean System to protect existing eavestroughs from debris

These professionally-installed products keep even pine needles, snow and ice out of your eavestroughs so that water can move safely off your roof and through your downspouts.

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Our Alu-Rex gutter guards now protect many homes and buildings in Toronto from water damage such as landscape wash-outs, basement leaks, foundation problems, leaking inside walls and windows, rotting fascia boards, bird nests, mold, mildew and leaking into the house.

Request eavestrough and downspout cleaning services from Eavestrough Cleaning Masters in Toronto, Ontario. Call 647-280-4980!

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