Eavestrough / Gutter & Roofing Installations and Replacements in Toronto, Ontario

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To prevent water damage to your home due to broken, bent or missing pieces of your eavestrough drainage system, Toronto Eavestrough Cleaning Masters also offers replacements of existing eavestrough or roofing, and partial or total replacements using high quality new materials. Our Toronto eavestrough contractors offer the following repair and installation services:

  • Leaf guard installations
  • Deicing cable installations
  • Ice damage repairs
  • Resloping realignment
  • Downspout rerouting & disconnection (if you need to disconnect your downspouts from the City water pipes, as is now required by law, we will make sure that your downspouts still keep water away from the house)

Are the Different Parts of Your Roof Working Together?

There are many components to your roof and they have to work together. Correctly installed, shingles shed water down to the eavestroughs which lead water to the downspout which, in turn, direct water to a safe point away from the house. Call Toronto Eavestrough Cleaning Masters to ensure that:

  • Shingles have the correct amount of overhang at the edge so that water doesn’t get behind your eavestrough and damage the fascia and soffit boards before leaking into the house
  • Gutters are correctly sized for your house
  • Downspouts are the correct size and placed appropriately and in sufficient number for your roof
  • Drip edges and flashings are correctly installed to protect exposed fascia boards and keep shingles from curling

We will ensure that any replacements we install are matched to the existing elements of your roof for attractive and trouble-free results! Call the eavestrough and roofing specialists at Toronto Eavestrough Cleaning Masters.

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