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Eavestrough & Roofing Repair Services in Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Eavestrough Cleaning Masters provides expert repairs for eavestroughs, downspouts and roofs in Toronto. Repairs may include:

  • Fixing sagging, broken or damaged eavestroughs
  • Complete eavestrough replacement
  • Roof repairs on metal, asphalt, shingle, tile or flat roofs

FREE Roof Inspection Service

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Take preventative measures to protect your home, and learn about any repairs you need with a FREE roof inspection from Toronto Eavestrough Cleaning Masters. Our eavestrough company will provide you with a full written report on their inspection of your eavestroughs and roof line with every service call. In addition, they come fully-equipped to perform the repairs – and they will give you a discount on eavestrough cleaning when done in conjunction with the repair. We will save you time and money by completing eavestrough and roof inspection, repairs and cleaning.

The inspections cover the following eavestrough and roofing elements:

  • Eavestroughs
  • Downspouts
  • Soffits
  • Fascia
  • Shingles
  • Drip edges
  • Slope of the roof line

We help you detect potential issues early, by checking that your drainage meets the following criteria:

  • Eavestroughs and downspouts are clean and water flows freely through them
  • The eavestroughs are correctly sloped, not sagging or causing water to stagnate
  • The downspout system has the appropriate number of drainpipes in the right sizes and positions (incorrectly positioned drainpipes can cause water to leak into your basement)
  • No roofing shingles are missing, and all the shingles are the right length (wrongly sized or missing shingles affect the way the water is directed into your gutters)
  • The sealant in the seams and corners of your eavestroughs are in good condition and allows no leaking
  • The size of the gutters is appropriate for your house (5'' or 6'' wide)
  • If your home has galvanized gutters, there are no holes or rusting
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Don't wait for obvious signs of water damage to your home. If you see eavestroughs are leaking, dripping, overflowing, or you have loose eavestroughs inquire about our Toronto eavestrough or roofing repairs. Let our experts take care of you now. Call us now at 647-280-4980 or 905-330-2165.

A Division of Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing since 1970

Providing eavestrough cleaning, repair services and installations in Toronto and the GTA, Forest Hill, Rosedale, High Park, Richmond Hill, North York, Thornhill, Scarborough, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville, Brampton, Woodbridge, & Vaughan, Ontario

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