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Leaf Guards in Mississauga

We at Eavestroughing Toronto, sell leaf guards in Mississauga for your home or commercial building. We also provide installation service. Gutter guards are essential to every home in our country due to the climate. At the start of the winter season in our country, all the debris that gets stuck in the gutters freezes. This can lead to the blockage of the gutter and in worst cases, even a collapse. 

Our gutter guards help your eavestroughs drain properly and minimize accumulation.
The effort of cleaning that you have to take afterwards is also reduced. At Eavestroughing Toronto, we guarantee prompt and reliable service at competitive rates. Call us today to
get free estimates.

Do You Need a Leaf Guard?

If you’re wondering whether you require a leaf guard, consider the usual scenario in Mississauga. 

As the eavestrough diverts water away from the exterior walls, it reduces the chances of mould and rot. The chances of a leakage are also reduced as the doors and windows do not get exposed to precipitation when you have an eavestrough system installed. When the water is diverted away, it helps the soil remain intact and keeps the chances of erosion to a minimum. Soil erosion is not good for your home or office’s foundation and can lead to issues in the basement.

However, the climate of Mississauga is the most demanding when it comes to eavestrough systems. Eavestrough can get clogged by various types of debris including leaves and branches that slow down the drainage of water. In rare cases, the debris becomes so heavy that it can lead to the collapse of the eavestrough.

You can avoid such cases of collapse and increase the effectiveness of your eavestrough by installing a leaf guard. When a leaf guard is installed, it minimizes the debris and helps water drain freely. While you may still need to clean the gutter, it would be required much less frequently. If you have a gutter guard installed, you may have to clean the gutter not more than once in a year, as opposed to 3-4 times if you don’t have a gutter guard.

Types of Leaf Guards

Leaf guards come in the following four materials.

  • Mesh Gutter Guards This type of gutter guard has a metal screen which is installed over an eavestrough. They let the water flow through while the leaves remain on the top. For this type of a gutter guard, however, frequent cleaning is required as leaves accumulate on the top.
  • Bottle Brush Gutter Guards Such a gutter guard is made up of a spiky material that bends through the eavestrough. It provides protection, but is not recommended for use in an area with many trees.
  • Nylon or Foam Gutter Guards These are wedge-shaped guards that are installed inside the eavestrough system. Their slick finish helps prevent the build-up of water and ice. They are perfect for Canadian weather patterns.
  • Reverse-Curve Gutter Guards This type of gutter guard is built into the roofline and is prone to collapse due to ice and debris build-up.

We recommend the nylon or foam gutter guards for Mississauga. They are perfect for full protection of the eavestrough system and are ideal for all seasons.

Leaf Guard Sales

We at Eavestroughing Toronto, sell gutter guards in a variety of colours and styles. We will work with you to understand which gutter guards are the most suitable for your eavestroughs.

Leaf Guard Installation 

Eavestroughing Toronto offers leaf guard installation services for you if you are unable or unwilling to do it yourself. We will install the guards at a competitive rate.

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